Expanding Ideas: Words into Poems and Artists Books with Bertha Rogers

Hobart Festival of Women Writers presents a series of six Fall Workshops for 2021.

Join poet and artist, Bertha Rogers for Expanding Ideas: Words into Poems and Artist Books, a four-week workshop that will guide you in creating a folded paper artist book for your poetry. Seize this completely unique opportunity to work with an experienced and critically acclaimed poet-artist. These 90-minute Zoom sessions will run September 10, 17, 24 & October 1, 2021 from 6 – 7:30pm. Don’t wait. Registration is open. Places are limited. Information at http://www.hobartfestivalofwomenwriters.com.

Imagine the possibilities for your work.

Bertha Rogers, named First Poet Laureate of Delaware County, New York, in March 2005, is a poet, translator, visual artist, and master teaching artist. 

She is the founding director of Bright Hill Press and Word Thursdays, a nonprofit organization in New York’s Catskill Mountain Region. She is also a founding participating writer with Hobart Festival of Women Writers. She has offered her brilliant workshops in poetry and creating art books at Hobart Festival of Women Writers since 2013.

Before poets could read and write, they spoke their poems, and they drew and carved on available surfaces. When the monks began copying holy texts, they weren’t satisfied with words only; they began illuminating the manuscripts with both sacred and profane drawings and paintings. William Blake was famous for his poems rich with watercolors. What we call “outsider art” frequently features words and images. – B. Rogers

Don’t hesitate. For information on all of Hobart Festival of Women Writers Fall Workshops 2021, https://www.hobartfestivalofwomenwriters.com/copy-of-fww-winter-workshops

Expanding Ideas: Words into Poems into Artists Books is one of six writing workshops being offered as part of the Hobart Festival of Women Writers’ Fall Workshop Series. We’re entering our ninth year of platforming the work of women writers across all genres. Since 2013, we’ve held a three-day Festival of readings, workshops, panels and performances in Hobart, New York, the Reading Capitol of New York State. The pandemic has caused us to suspend the in-person Festival again this year. We’ve maintained presence for women writers, however. In September 2020, though we were unable to come together in person, we created several virtual readings https://bit.ly/3rA4xLT featuring videos made by Participating Writers. 

Beginning in September 2021, we are offering the six, four-week zoom workshops. These workshops are priced at a very friendly fee and are under the leadership of six distinguished professional writers: Bertha Rogers, Breena Clarke, Mercy Tullis-Bukari, Elena Schwolsky, Stephanie Nikolopoulos, and Mary Johnson. 

Let’s keep our community fires alight. Support Hobart Festival of Women Writers by registering for a Fall zoom Workshop.

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