HFWW presents Winter Workshops

To help the hfww community thrive in this difficult season, for the first time, three of our most outstanding workshop leaders are offering four-week zoom CLASSES.

Writing the Pandemic Down

We are living through a crazy impossible difficult time, where COVID is rampant and life is more uncertain than ever.  In this four week workshop starting Friday February 5th from 2-3:30p,  Esther Cohen, admirer and aficionado of Good Stories of all kinds, many year teacher for the Hobart Festival of Women Writers, will lead a series of classes designed to help us all write what this year feels like, what happened and what didn’t, and what might happen next. The workshop will run via Zoom on February 5, 12, 19 &26th. Maximum enrollment is 12.

for more information about Esther Cohen, go to http://www.esthercohen.com


Poems rise from external as well as internal events. The Pandemic of 2020 has given poets the opportunity to explore how outward events influence our writing, taking us to our deepest part of ourselves, the part where poetry lives. Nationally lauded poet, Bertha Rogers, who has conducted poetry workshops at past Hobart Festivals, will guide this exploration of poetry in a troubling time.

for more information about Bertha Rogers, go to http://www.bertharogers.com

In a 4-week, Zoom workshop, we will explore how this ordeal can bring forth poems that are rich with understanding and beauty. We will read Emily Dickinson, Audre Lorde, W. H. Auden, and William B. Yeats to learn how these great poets explored their own experience in order to intensify their words. 

Participants will write in form and in open verse; each participant can plan on writing two or more poems during the course of the workshop. The workshop will run on March 3, 10, 17 & 24. Maximum enrollment is twelve.

Creative Non-Fiction: The Hermit Crab Essay with Linda Lowen

Imagine telling your nonfiction story through an unexpected form: recipes, receipts, rejection letters, an accident report, a prescription label. This is the hermit crab essay — creative writing using an unexpected structure to shape story.

for more information about Linda Lowen, go to http://www.lindalowen.co

This essay form takes its name from the hermit crab: born without a hard exterior and therefore soft and unprotected, compelled to find a shell or other container to survive. Participants will read examples online to understand how it works, then try their hand at writing essays/stories experimenting with different containers. 

The workshop begins on Thursday, April 1st, 12p – 2pm and will continue on April 8, 15 & 22nd. Maximum enrollment is capped at twelve.

We can’t come together in Hobart right now, but you can bring Hobart Festival of Women
Writers’ excellent workshops to your home. Register for a Winter Workshop with Esther Cohen, Bertha Rogers and Linda Lowen. The registration fee for each four-week workshop is $180.00. We have limited enrollment in these sessions so each participant gets a unique and intimate experience. Don’t hesitate. Register here:


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