Spotlight​: Marianela Medrano

Hobart Festival of Women Writers welcomes the return of

Marianela Medrano

Marianela Medrano


A founding Participating Writer of Festival of Women Writers, Marianela Medrano is a Dominican writer and psychotherapist. With more than 10 years of experience working for diverse populations, her work uses literature, with a special concentration in poetry,  as a healing tool. Marianela Medrano is a licensed professional counselor and a certified poetry therapist. Her areas of interest and practice include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness and Integral Psychotherapy. She combines literature, psychology, and her research on the Sacred Feminine to help others find new ways of knowing the wholeness of being human. She has published the following: Oficio de Vivir (1986), Los Alegres Ojos de la Tristeza (1987), Regando Esencias/The Scent of Waiting (1998) and Curada de Espantos (2002).  Her work, written in Spanish and English, also appears in literary magazines such as Brooklyn Review (1995), Punto 7 Review (1996) Sisters of Caliban (1996) Callaloo (2000), The Afro-Latin@ Reader (2010), among many others.

Marianela Medrano2

Dr. Medrano lectures across the country on issues of spirituality with emphasis on the Divine Feminine, cross-cultural psychology, healing, and writing. Her emphasis is women’s growth and development, but her practice is not limited to them. She is the author of the poetry collections, Diosas de la Yuca and Prietica.

Diosas de la Yuca   prietica-medrano

Dr Marianela Medrano is certified in the field of Poetry Therapy. She offers residence and long-distance training in poetry/bibliotherapy to individuals interested in either therapeutic use of writing or use of writing as a tool to advance growth and development.  For complete information about Marianela’s exciting work in this field, go to:

Listen to Marianela Medrano discuss how she uses poetic interpretation to find value in life in her TED Talk entitled, A Ciguapa Speaks: On How I Came to Value Wholeness. 

Marianela Medrano3

“Embodied Writing concerns itself with capturing the expression of human experience in a way that elicits ‘sympathetic resonance,’ or a natural response through which a reader ‘vibrates’ empathically with the writer when reading or listening to a written piece.” – Marianela Medrano

For Festival of Women Writers 2018, Marianela Medrano will read from her most recent collection of poetry. “Rooting: Selected Poems.  Rooting

Rooting/Des/arraigar is a mirror to the human spirit, an epigenetic reckoning. With these poems and their translations, Medrano draws on the boundaries of language to gift us with fearless and rich imagery: ungüentos to heal our memories.”

Rooting/Des/arraigar es un espejo para el espíritu humano, un ajuste de cuentas epigenética. Con estos poemas y sus traducciones, Medrano usa las delimitaciones del lenguaje y nos regala sus fieras y ricas imágenes: ungüentos para curar nuestras memorias.”

Ana-Maurine Lara
Author / Autora, Erzulie’s Skirt

Marinela Medrano speaks to poet, essayist, and journalist Bessy Reyna about her collection, “Rooting.”

Marianela Medrano at Festival of Women Writers 2017 moderating a panel on Arts and Activism with Kathy Engel, Nancy Bereano, and Elana Bell

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Puro Tejada says:

    I am very proud, as a dominican writer, to be represented by Marianela. Her sutil poetic voice, is also strong defending women’s sensibility. Congrats.


  2. Edgar Smith says:

    Proud to see Marianela as representation of the Dominican woman. She shines with wisdom, love and talent. Godspeed!


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