Spotlight: Elizabeth Searle

Lonely, imaginative and obsessed with American TV shows, Leni pursues her big dream of singing onstage, letting herself be lured toward the exploitative Amsterdam nightclub scene.

Spotlight: Arisa White

In the stripping back there is pain and suffering so alive and tangible today, and so I spent a considerable amount of time in tears. Feeling myself resurrecting something that is both my own and ours. And from there, from what is my own and ours, the language came, honest and bare and full of sense.

Spotlight: JP Howard

We tired of being seen through same old lens. We
want history to stop rewinding and repeating. We don’t want to be a part of senseless beatings. We
need our brilliance to be widespread. We got no choice but to move ahead.
–JP Howard

Spotlight: Lisa Wujnovich

As a farmer, physical work grounds me. As a poet, I crave the soaring place poetry takes me, but know I still need grounding.  As a poet, I live between a waking dream state and a sensual grounded place.

Spotlight​: Marianela Medrano

“Embodied Writing concerns itself with capturing the expression of human experience in a way that elicits ‘sympathetic resonance,’ or a natural response through which a reader ‘vibrates’ empathically with the writer when reading or listening to a written piece.”