Spotlight: Ginnah Howard

Hobart Festival of Women Writers is delighted to welcome back Ginnah Howard as a Participating Writer for Festival 2019.


Author and educator, Ginnah Howard is a Catskills-based writer whose fiction includes characters who are frustratingly flawed and maddeningly familiar, as well as beautiful. Ginnah Howard’s brilliant upstate trilogy that lays bare the lives of two families, the Merricks and Morlettis, spans the years from 1946 to 2003. The three stand-alone novels, Night Navigation, Doing Time Outside, and Rope and Bone capture the heroism and lunacy of New York’s back country. Told in multiple points of view, the reader sees the world through the eyes of each of the characters.. They are people who sometimes become as invisible against the awe-inspiring mountain vistas of New York State as they often are in ultra-urban New York City or in the halls of politics in Albany.

Night Navigation   Doing Time Outside   Rope & Bone

Night Navigation. . . is so smooth a telling of a rough ride that you’d think it was the author’s fourth, fifth or sixth book, not her first. . . even greater is the fact that she was able to take us with her. “— The Washington Times Book Review, May 5, 2009

Ginnah Howard‘s work has appeared in Water~Stone Review, Permafrost, Portland Review, Descant 145, Eleven Eleven Journal,The Tusculum Review, and elsewhere. Several stories have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Night Navigation, Book 2 of her upstate novel trilogy, (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009), was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice. Chronogram called Book 3, Doing Time Outside (Standing Stone Books, 2013), “a beautiful read.” Book 1 of the trilogy, Rope & Bone: A Novel in Stories (Illume, 2014) was listed by Publishers Weekly as one of the “best of the best” Indie books of 2015. In her latest book, I’m Sick of This Already: At-Risk Learning in a High School Class, Howard focuses on a year of working with students in a small rural town. Currently she is putting together a collection of poetry and prose titled An Opera of Hankering. For more information visit:


For Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019, Ginnah Howard offers workshop participants a unique opportunity to receive critical feedback on their manuscript.

Do you have a short story or memoir piece that is ready for an in-depth critique?

Would you like to improve your inner-editor?

Revision: Re-seeing & Re-writing presented by Ginnah Howard will give you an opportunity to have your work critiqued by Ginnah Howard, via attachment using MSWord Review marginal comments, prior to the Festival. Your manuscript, with comments and suggestions, will be emailed back to you in time to have a go at revising before the Festival begins. During the actual workshop, each participant will have an opportunity to read a few pages of her/his story or memoir to the group to get feedback and talk about the revision process. The emphasis will be on craft: how to increase narrative tension, using scenes and significant details, how to tuck in back story, language and rhythm, point of view and tense choice, the need for clarity and tightening.

 Requirements: the complete manuscript should be no more than 20 pages and must be sent to Ginnah Howard by August 24th, with a guarantee from her to return the critiqued work to you by August 31.


Ginnah Howard‘s most recent non-fiction work, I’m Sick Of This Already: At-Risk Learning in A High School Class, is a searing and sensitive account of a year in a special needs classroom in upstate New York.


Tune In to a 2016 podcast interview with Ginnah Howard, hosted by co-organizer, Breena Clarke
Four O’Clock Flowers speaks to Ginnah Howard Ginnah discusses her non-fiction work, I’m Sick Of This Already: At-Risk Learning in A High School Class.
for more information about  Ginnah Howard

Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019 is September 6, 7 & 8th

REGISTRATION for The Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019 opens May 15th.

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