Spotlight: Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019 welcomes

Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Keisha-Gaye Anderson

as she welcomes her most recent collection of poetry, Everything is Necessary.

Everything is Necessary



is necessary,

required to







how you see

is up to



are you

pink and green


a field of hearts

in bloom,

bowing beneath

the rust/gold

gown of a

redwood tree?


or are




a spirit


to the stone

walls of its


crumbling and



every mirror

that enters



that all you are

is We,

a thousand-petal



in the breeze called


— excerpted from Everything is Necessary.  listen to Keisha-Gaye read the entire poem at Keisha-Gaye on Soundcloud


LISTEN HERE: ​Keisha-Gaye reads “Enough” from Gathering The Waters.  

A Spell for Living, forthcoming from Agape in 2019, is a multimedia e-book, including music and Keisha’s original art work. It is the recipient of “Editors’ Choice” recognition for the 2017 “Numinous Orisons, Luminous Origin Literary Award.” Keisha’s second poetry collection, Everything is Necessary, was published by Willow/Aquarius Press. She is a graduate of the Syracuse University Newhouse School and holds a M.F.A. in creative writing from City College/CUNY.

READ her beautifully realized short fiction WHAT GONE BAD AH MORNING CAN’T COME BACK GOOD AH EVENING

“As they approached the market, women were buzzing about. The market was a living thing. Its flesh was mounds of mangoes, sweet sop, naseberry, bananas. The steady calls of the higglers, its rapid heart. And those women with heads tied with colorful scarves, and legs splayed wide with skirts cascading between like waterfalls, were its bones.”   excerpted from WHAT GONE BAD AH MORNING CAN’T COME BACK GOOD AH EVENING by Keisha-Gaye Anderson, published Kweli Journal, November 2018.

Keisha-Gaye art.jpg

Keisha-Gaye Anderson also creates original visual art. For more information about her work and links: Keisha-Gaye Anderson Keisha-Gaye’s artwork will be exhibited during Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019 as part of the exhibit,  “Words and Images.”

see all Keisha-Gaye’s art


For Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2019, Keisha-Gaye Anderson will present the workshop,Write Yourself In: Being and Becoming Through Speculative Fiction

When asked what she loved about science fiction, author Octavia Butler responded: “You get to write yourself in.” This workshop will examine the ways in which speculative fiction—which includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, and other genres—constructs and deconstructs feminine identities, providing a lens for examining our past and our potential for the future, minus the burden of patriarchal modalities. This genre provides unique ways of imagining, reimagining, and reinventing identity, as well as witnessing and critiquing historical events that have impacted women, as reflected in the text excerpts we will examine. Participants will learn how to identify and employ the elements of speculative fiction and create narratives that begin with the question, “What if?” – Anderson


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