Spotlight: In Their Own Image

In Their Own Image

Art at Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2018

 In Their Own Words is a SPECIAL exhibition of the work of Catksills women artists at The Hobart Community Center as part of the Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2018, September 7, 8, & 9th. The Hobart Community Center, 80 Cornell Avenue, Hobart, New York.

In Their Own Words, curated by acclaimed artist, Tracy Jacknow. mom-headshot-2

    I have always responded to nature.  I believe my paintings are a direct emotional response to what I see.  When I am totally involved in the process of “creating” a painting I am in a meditative state.  This process focuses my attention so intently that I feel connected to the calmness I want to represent.” – Tracy Jacknow at

Artists whose work is exhibited at The Hobart Community Center are:


Amy on Green Cushions
Amy on green cushions by Lisbeth Firmin



Lisbeth Firmin — painting  head-shot-in-studio-8-2105

Lisbeth Firmin is a contemporary American realist known for her urban landscapes. For over five decades her work has been in hundreds of solo and group show across the country and internationally.

Her process involves bold applications of energetic marks and strokes, producing an abstract interplay of shapes that fall into place when viewed from a distance. She is not interested in producing a literal translation of her subject matter, but strives to ride the line between abstraction and realism.


Margot Farrington – collage       Margot Farrington2

Margot Farrington makes collage and mixed media works and considers them companions to her poems and other writing. Margot_Farrington_The_Blue_Canoe_Of_Longing_Cover-281pxWide

Deep pictorial space and dynamic composition interest me, and often elements of the fantastic as well.  My “dreamscapes” (a term that might serve as applied to my collages) represent places I’d like to visit. Their occupants—when there are any—dwell in realms only partially recognized, while the rest, hopefully, strange or mysterious, beckon.  It is, of course, my hope that other viewers wish to go there too and to linger.


Bobbi Goldman — sculpture

The Waitress - Bobbi Goldman
The Waitress by Bobbi Goldman

Bobbi  Goldman has been involved in felting mainly but also sculpture, photography and papermaking. She resides on her homestead in South Gilboa with her family.

Rhonda Harrow – painting & sculpture       images-7

I have been drawing from the model since I was 16 years old and have never tired of the human figure. I have recently worked with two groups, one in Andes and one in Delhi. The drawing session in Andes focuses on the croquis-very rapid poses segueing into 40min. at most, whereas the sessions in Delhi focus on one pose only-and sometimes for two or three sessions in a row. I have to say that, as far as fun goes, I prefer the croquis but the extended poses push me to work with tone in a way that is much more considered than in the rapid sketches. It is all a lesson in any case and not one I mind grappling with! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Joanna Murphy – painting

I see my surroundings through the medium of paint. My work bears connection to both Romanticism and NY Abstract Expressionism.  The oil paintings are queer, abstract and intimate scenes, from the roof of my lower east side neighborhood and my Transcendentalist  cabin  in the Catskills. 

We'll gather by the river 18x18 inches jpg $1600.
We’ll gather by the river by Joanna Murphy


Susan Rochmis – painting   scr20-susan-rochmis-1024x683-240x160

Susan Rochmis is a graduate of Pratt Institute who has lived in Delaware County since 1984. She is a portrait artist and a movement therapist. She teaches Theatre Arts at SUNY Delhi.

Bertha Rogers – painting   Bertha-Rogers-1

Riddles have been popular throughout cultures and history. The ninety-five Anglo-Saxon Riddle-Poems from the thousand-year-old Exeter Book are not only a commentary on the way people in Britain lived those many years ago (during the so-called “Dark Ages”) but also on our contemporary lives.


Riddle 29 – Sun & Moon Illumination by Bertha Rogers


Judy Thuss – sculpture    image

Using the wilderness as my frame of reference is of primary importance. Not only is it visually exciting but it also inherently spiritual, I have a strong connection to the wild, an awareness of the energies and patterns that we share with nature, a loss of separateness from the earth.


WOMAN by Judy Thuss


Lisa Wujnovich – masks   FullSizeRender-1-300x276

Masks by Lisa Wujnovich


The Art Works exhibited for In Their Own Image will be available for sale during Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2018. For Information and purchase, go to the Book Sales Table at the Hobart Community Center, 80 Cornell Avenue, Hobart, New York.

For information about The Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2018

Please support Hobart Festival of Women Writers Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. We’ve been here for sixth straight years because of the generosity of our community of givers. Thank you for any contribution.



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