Spotlight: Intensive Workshops at Festival of Women Writers 2018

Are you ready?
to commit to yourself and your writing? 

Register for an Intensive Workshop at Hobart Festival of Women Writers 2018.


The Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers once again offers an opportunity for the serious individual to work with a seasoned, experienced, published writer.


Our  Intensive Workshops offer the chance for committed writers to explore, to be challenged and to grow while working directly with an award-winning, published writer.

Discover the magic of the Catskills. Discover your own magic.

Immerse yourself in the inspiration of Hobart’s mountain vistas and focus on your writing craft for a one-day, six-hour workshop in a small group setting.

THE HOBERT FESTIVAL OF WOMEN WRITERS’ Writing Intensive is a comprehensive SIX-HOUR session including boxed lunch, all of which will be held on Friday, September 7th ONLY. Intensives are limited to 8-10 Participants so that each individual receives close attention. 

Intensives are intended for Participants in the process of developing manuscripts. You will share your work and you will receive feedback on your writing.

The Festival will provide space dedicated solely to each Intensive in order to maximize this special opportunity. 

The Intensive Registration deadline is 8/24//18 !!!  Places are limited. 

Take the next step. Browse these two workshops and make a decision that could change you and your work.

Esther Cohen changed the way I understand and appreciate a narrative. I was profoundly influenced by her Intensive workshop. — A Festival 2017 Intensive participant

Good Stories: An Intensive WorkshopEsther Cohen

Presented by the experienced writer, editor, and teacher, Esther Cohen, The Good Stories Intensive Workshop is back by popular demand for Festival 2018. In this unique writing Intensive, participants will tell stories, hear them, and explore ways good stories can be told. Participants will hear stories in various forms, from print to podcast, and will, by the end of the workshop, have created a story that is theirs. Esther Cohen, also a cultural activist, has published six books and posts a poem a day at

We will look at every part of our lives as rich material for stories, good stories. This Intensive will be experiential: you will tell stories, hear them, read them, and write them, using a wide range of sources, from Naguib Mahfouz to “The Moth Radio Hour.”  – E. Cohen

The Good Stories Intensive Workshop with Esther Cohen is for story lovers and story makers who want to make their own stories better. How the world began, all that you know and don’t know, whatever you feel and see and hear. Participants will look at examples from poetry and prose, from fiction and non-fiction, and from oral traditions, old and new. Your goal will be to create and tell your own story, in the form that matches your own intrinsic voice.  For more information, go to: about Esther Cohen 

The Book Doctor            Don't Mind Me


Biographical information about all of our writers can be found at Hobart Festival of Women

Do you crave for a fuller, deeper workshop experience with a nationally and internationally recognized, published poet?  Register for THE ULTIMATE METAPHOR with Bertha Rogers. 

I learned I could write poetry. I felt encouraged to write. This was a safe space in which to write. I was changed. My work and I were changed.2017 Intensive Workshop participant


  THE ULTIMATE METAPHOR: Writing Intensive

Presented by Bertha Rogers


Before poets could read and write, they spoke their poems, and they drew and carved on available surfaces. When the monks began copying holy texts, they weren’t satisfied with words only; they began illuminating the manuscripts with both sacred and profane drawings and paintings.


William Blake was famous for his poems rich with watercolors. What we call “outsider art” frequently features words and images. – B. Rogers

 In THE ULTIMATE METAPHOR INTENSIVE WORKSHOP, poets will bring a poem that is no more than 15 lines and in the beginning stages. We will work on “translating” the poem into metaphoric language (first hour), then “re-translating/transmuting” the poem into images, i.e., illustrating it, using the metaphors as “take-off” devices and including alliteration and other poetic devices.

 The Intensive leader will provide dictionaries and thesauri, cardstock, paints, pencils, pens, and any other necessary tools or equipment. Each participant will leave with a complete or almost-complete poem.

Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Poets.

The work of Betha Rogers


Heart Turned Back                   Like Light Bright Hill


For more information, go to: about Bertha Rogers

Discover the magic of the Catskills. Discover your own magic. Register for an Intensive Hobart Festival of Women Writers


Hobart sunflowers overlooking the valley















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